[action ended] Act on climate? So listen to science!

For decades scientists have warned us about the consequences of a warmer planet. For too long, politicians have made decisions on climate that are not in line with the scientific reality of the threat that faces us. Now the EU wants to become climate neutral by 2050, and policy makers are negotiating about the role that science will play.

The European Parliament proposes to establish a European Climate Change Council, an independent scientific body to assess whether promises on climate action are in line with the climate science. However some national governments are dragging their feet.

The independence of this council is crucial, so these scientists could accurately measure the impact of the EU’s climate actions. However some politicians think they can bargain with nature, and they are trying to politicise this institution.

We need to remind them to take climate science seriously and support the establishment of an independent European Climate Change Council.

Tell your minister that acting on climate means listening to science!

We have drafted a letter for you to send to your minister for Environment. Just fill in your name and address and click to go to the next steps.

This action has ended, but we would like to keep you posted. 👇