Eating Greens - our Greens/EFA cookbook

Dear readers, dear gourmets,

What could be better than cooking with fresh, colourful ingredients and feasting on it with family and friends to your heart’s content? Cooking is not just a craft, but pure joie de vivre, sensual pleasure - and deeply political.

That is exactly why we have put together this delicious cookery book. It contains 50 favourite recipes from Greens/EFA Members of European Parliament and invites you to try them yourself. There are also practical tips on food waste and EU agricultural policy explained for everyone.


Today, global companies dominate the agricultural and food markets. They have created an industrialised food system geared towards producing as cheaply and uniformly as possible. But should we not ask ourselves who is actually filling our plates?

Because this has dramatic consequences for our environment and health. Whether it's factory farming that tortures animals or chemical pesticides that damage farmers, soil fertility and pollinators: We can see everywhere that things can no longer go on like this.


In the end, this system doesn't even provide what it is supposed to. Instead of healthy food, we find thousands of ultra-processed products in the supermarket. We are led to believe that there is variety, although in the end, convenience food consists mainly of salt, fat, industrial sugar and artificial additives.

The good news is that each and every one of us can make a conscious decision against this system. With fresh fruit and vegetables - there's an extra thumbs up for organic quality - and a more conscious consumption of animal proteins.

We hope that this cookbook will not only bring joy and variety to your everyday cooking, but also inspire you to try something new and get creative in the kitchen. That’s a win-win situation for us, nature and a future worth living. Have fun and bon appétit!

Sarah Wiener and Benoît Biteau
co-chairs of the food campaign of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament

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