Fix it: Make repairing affordable again!

We want devices that are easy and cheap to repair. Europe needs to step in.

Companies have made repairing devices difficult and expensive. And we, the consumers, pay the price. Why is it cheaper to buy a new phone than to replace a cracked screen? Why can’t we just change the battery instead of buying a new tablet?

This has to change. Repairing should be the easiest and cheapest option. A win for your wallet, a win for the environment!

A clear repair score for devices: EU citizens need to know how much repairs will cost!

The European Commission is set to launch a repair score. A mandatory EU wide label that will rate a product based on its repairability. It’s a good start, but a crucial piece of information will still be missing from the label: the price of spare parts.

We need to know how much a repair is likely to cost us. If the fix is easy, but the parts are costly, we have a right to know before we buy.

The EU-wide repair score will only grade produce based on:

  • the availability of spare parts
  • the tools needed to perform the repair
  • accessible product design (guide on how to repair devices)

If the European Commission does not include the price of spare parts, the repair score risks becoming a useless label. Join us in asking the lawmakers at the European Commission to include it after all!

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