No new GMOs: We don’t want big corporations controlling our food!

We Europeans have made it clear, time and time again, that we don’t want GMOs in our food. Nevertheless, Christian Democrats, Liberals and far right politicians are teaming up with big agro-industry players to try and sneak them onto our fields and plates without us knowing where they are used - without any labeling. We need to stop this!

What is happening?

We currently have strict EU rules on the authorisation and labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They allow farmers, food producers and consumers to opt for GMO-free food. However, the European Commission wants to scrap this legislation and allow a new generation of GMOs, owned and patented by agrochemical corporations, without any labeling or safety checks. If this happens, we will no longer be able to see in the supermarket which products contain GMOs.

💰 This is good news for agro-chemical companies, whose lobbyists are pushing to pass this new legislation through before the European elections of June 2024.

🧑‍🌾 But it is bad news for our breeders and farmers, who will lose the control over their seeds to the big corporations.

🧺 It is bad news for food producers and consumers, who will no longer be able to go for GMO-free products.

🌿 And it is bad news for nature and biodiversity, as robust and genetically diverse seeds are replaced with a few (patented) varieties chosen by big corporations to suit their own interests.

What do European citizens want?

European citizens don’t want GMOs in their food.

  • Polling shows that a majority of 68% of Europeans who have heard of new GMO techniques, such as CRISPR, want food produced with these techniques labeled as GMO.

  • Two years ago, with our support, almost 70,000 people submitted comments to the European Commission, demanding that existing GMO safety and labeling laws be upheld. More than 450,000 people signed a petition, demanding the same.

This is how we stop new GMOs.

Let’s make sure people know about these plans, and support our call for robust regulation of all GMOs.

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We know Europeans don’t want this. Let’s be loud and clear, and make our views heard in Brussels!

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