Save our nature: Tell MEPs to take their responsibility

We have taken the first hurdle: The attempt by conservative and extreme right politicians to totally block this law have been overcome. Now we are in the final negotiations with the EU member states. Once again, conservatives and right-wing politicians are doing all they can to stop any progress. If they get their way, that would massively hurt both us and our nature!

That makes our effort even more important.

Because this Nature Restoration Law will help to:

  1. restore Europe’s nature and biodiversity,
  2. protect us from the impacts of droughts, floods and wildfires caused by climate change,
  3. secure our food production in Europe.

    If the final law is ineffective, the destruction of our precious nature will continue unchecked, putting also our food production at risk.

    We must not allow this to happen!

    Please ask your MEPs now to get the best outcome for nature. Use our tool to send an email to the MEPs from your country and be part of the Mission Nature!

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