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We are building a better Europe where everyone has a home and earns a good income. A Europe where we value everyday working people. Where we tax the super rich and invest in affordable housing, childcare and education for families.

When we come together, we can lead the way towards a Europe where people are at the heart of politics. A Europe where nature can thrive. A Europe that is full of hope. Join us.

    Give the billions back to the millions

    We cannot afford to live in societies where millions live in poverty while the super rich continue adding billions to their bank accounts. It is time to achieve real economic equality! We can only do that if we tax those who have the most.

    Decent pay without delay

    Millions of people in Europe don’t have an income that covers their rent, food and bills. Receiving a pay is not enough, it must be a decent pay that actually covers your costs. We need a minimum income above poverty line, quality jobs, proper rights to platform workers, to ban unpaid internships and to support trade unions to protect workers’ rights.

    No solution without a social revolution

    We need a social revolution. A society and an economy, which put people first, before profit. Where equal well-being and a decent life are the measures of prosperity.

    A society that is fair, where everyone has equal rights and opportunities.

    Want to know more about how we are fighting for equal pay, better and greener jobs, fair wages and workers’ rights? Read our article with our MEPs Sara Matthieu, Mounir Satouri, Kim van Sparrentak and Kira Peter-Hansen here!

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