Dear MEPs, stand up for nature!

Tell the Members of the European Parliament that lowering environmental standards in the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a threat to farmers, nature and our future food security: No Nature, No Farmers.

We need to take action now to combat climate change, to protect biodiversity and farming families for generations to come. We can’t allow politicians to dismantle nature protection.

We all know the current CAP is a failure.

  1. It fills the pockets of multinational companies and oligarchs.

  2. It lets small-scale farmers down and accelerates the decline in the number of sustainable family farms.

  3. It subsidises intensive and industrial-scale animal agriculture.

  4. It incentivises farmers to use synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, which destroys biodiversity and soils.

Despite farmers’ calls for rules that would secure a better income, many politicians are not listening. All they propose is the cutting down of nature protection rules. We know this won't help farmers.

We need a system-change.

  1. We need to ensure fair prices to help farmers secure a living from their work.

  2. We need the European farming policy to be in line with our CO2 reduction objectives.

  3. We need the European farming policy to protect biodiversity.

If politicians take the protection of our climate and biodiversity seriously, if they want to support small farmers, they need to stand up for nature in the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.

This is our last chance.

Tell your MEPs they can make things right. Tell them there is still time to stop this. Ask them to vote this CAP proposal down.

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