Stop the austerity plan!

Tell Members of the European Parliament that voting for the new austerity plan is a threat to hard working families, our quality of life and our precious planet. Send MEPs an email now.

We still remember how healthcare workers, teachers and other public sector workers stood on the line during the lockdowns. They got us through the pandemic - and we all valued that.

But now EU decision-makers are planning to cut back on these invaluable services. Their proposed new fiscal rules will introduce an austerity plan that will hit us harder than ever before, with irreversible effects on the planet and our societies. We can’t allow them to destroy our future. We need to stop this.

Because we all know that our economy thrives on the hard workers in the public sector. Without them, we would have no child care, no fire protection, no schools and no healthcare. Only when we all do well, our economy does well.

This is our last chance.

Tell your MEPs they can make things right. Tell them there is still time to stop this. Ask them to vote the new austerity plan down.

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