No secret deals with our Covid vaccine!

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The covid pandemic weighs on us all. Some have lost loved ones, others are facing economic uncertainty. We all have to adapt our lives because of this virus.

So, there is no doubt that we need a safe and efficient vaccine as soon as possible. And fortunately we have the brightest scientists working on this. But there are reasons to be alert: while billions of European taxpayers’ money are funding the development of the vaccine, there is a lack of transparency, accountability and safety.

This is not the time to allow pharmaceutical multinationals to fill their pockets with public money, limit their liability, hide test results or conclude profitable deals with EU-institutions behind closed doors.

That is why we ask the European health ministers and the EU Commissioner for Health to stick to the following rules:

  1. publish the contracts and other agreements signed between the EU and its member states with pharmaceutical companies for the development of COVID-19 vaccines including the industry’s use of up front payments so far.
  2. ensure high regulatory standards for evaluating vaccines and show full transparency of clinical trial results and protocols of potential COVID-19 vaccine research, reviewed by independent scientific experts.
  3. ensure continued political and financial commitment by the European Commission and EU Member States to the COVAX initiative for global equitable and affordable access and use open licenses and public co-ownership of intellectual property rights.

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Rasmus Andresen (🇩🇪), Margrete Auken (🇩🇰), David Cormand (🇫🇷), Tilly Metz (🇱🇺), Ville Niinistö (🇫🇮), Jutta Paulus (🇩🇪), Michèle Rivasi (🇫🇷), Kim van Sparrentak (🇳🇱), Ernest Urtasun (🇪🇸)
Members of the European Parliament for the Greens/EFA

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