Our final chance to stop the greenwashing in the EU taxonomy

We just took a major step towards stopping the EU taxonomy from labelling fossil gas and nuclear energy as “sustainable”. In a nail-biting vote, the committees for environment and economy agreed with our objection.

But we are not there yet. The hardest part is still to come. We need to convince all the Members of the European Parliament to support us for the plenary vote in the first week of July.

In one final push, we need everyone to share our petition to stop this EU taxonomy.

Gas and nuclear aren’t green. Pretending otherwise is greenwashing. It’s that simple. To illustrate this, we’ve created this nice image.

Share our image as much as you can.

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BREAKING: the Environment and Economics committees just voted against the EU taxonomy! We need one final push to stop this greenwashing of gas and nuclear energy. #NotMyTaxonomy
Tell your MEPs to vote the taxonomy down in #EPlenary in July. https://act.greens-efa.eu/stopgreenwashing

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