[action ended] Save our Green Deal: Vote this CAP down

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Tell the Members of the European Parliament that the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a threat to our European Green Deal. Sign our petition.

We are in a climate emergency. We need to take action now to combat climate change, to protect biodiversity and farming families for generations to come. We can’t allow the European Common Agricultural Policy to go on wrecking our planet until the end of 2027. We need to vote this CAP down.

This European farming policy still subsidies intensive and industrial-scale animal agriculture. It will incentivise farmers to use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which destroys biodiversity and soils. It will fill the pockets of multinational companies and oligarchs. It will put small-scale farmers aside and accelerate the decline in the number of sustainable family farms.

We need a system-change.

  • We need to ensure fair prices to help farmers secure a living from their work.
  • We need the European farming policy to be climate-proof and in line with our CO2 reduction objectives.
  • We need the European farming policy to protect biodiversity.

The European Parliament has the final say on this important topic. If politicians take the protection of our climate and biodiversity seriously, if they want to support small farmers, they need to vote no on the new Common Agricultural Policy.

This is our last chance.

You can save the Green Deal. You can make things right. There is still time to stop this. Vote this CAP down.

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Members of the European Parliament for the Greens/EFA

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