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More than a month after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, the situation of Afghans in need of international protection remains dramatic and urgent. The majority of those who have been able to flee the country are still sheltering in the region. For the most vulnerable, this often means that their needs cannot be met and their lives remain at risk. Neighbouring countries were already hosting over 2 million Afghan refugees before the dramatic events over summer.

📣 Tell your minister that European countries have an international responsibility to offer protection and welcome those most in need.

How can I help to protect people fleeing Afghanistan?

The EU is holding a High-level Resettlement Forum on 7th October 2021. Ministers from all EU Member States will discuss priorities with the European Commission. They are expected to make pledges to provide sustainable solutions to the most vulnerable Afghans.

✅ This is an opportunity to scale up EU efforts to meet global needs with a significant increase of resettlement places.

With our Europe Welcomes campaign, we have shown that over a thousand municipalities and cities are ready to welcome refugees into Europe. You can help us pass this message on to your Minister of Interior or of Migration, who will attend the meeting in October.

📧 Email your minister and ask them to match this welcoming spirit with a generous pledge to resettle Afghan refugees from third countries!

Tineke Strik 🇳🇱, Damien Carême 🇫🇷, Alice Bah Kuhnke 🇸🇪, Damian Boeselager 🇩🇪, Saskia Bricmont 🇧🇪, Ernest Urtasun 🇪🇸
Greens/EFA Members of the European Parliament

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